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Since I've finished my Ida the Orangutan and published it on my FB page it hit me - the order requests! When I was just thinking about making an orange buddy I had a feeling that its going to be a very special item. And I was right! Yay! Orangutans are the most wanted items from my customers at the moment, in fact I am pretty much booked out with orders for at least 6 more months and this is awesome!

I am still making other sculptures as well like the pet portraits for my dear pet lovers and other precious creatures like Sloths, Lemurs, Rats etc. But the orangutans are the ones I spend my days with. I think I am becoming The Orangutan Lady (just like the Cat Lady or something). So here are a couple of photos to show you a bit of what I am talking about. This is what I am looking at all days long (and I am loving it by the way)!

Welcome to my blog!

Here I am sharing some sneak peeks of my work in progress and all the other everyday events that have an inspirational sparkle for my creative life.

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