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Babies creations

Happy Wednesday my friends! I've added a few photos of some new Orange babies to the Gallery. Still more to come.

Apart from working on the Orangutans and other custom orders I am busy with making a felted portrait for the Black Swan Competition (I thought I might challenge myself with that one).

And most of all while my hands are busy with creating some babies for you guys, my own body is busy with creating the biggest project - the baby of my own, like the real one:)! We are expecting our baby later this year. That 's why my schedule is off the path and all over the place actually, I am trying to work around it.

Please note I won't be taking any more custom orders this year ( I will try to complete the ones I've got already), but more ready to buy work will be available for purchase. Thank you for your understanding <3!

Welcome to my blog!

Here I am sharing some sneak peeks of my work in progress and all the other everyday events that have an inspirational sparkle for my creative life.

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