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Getting back on track

Its almost the end of March..where did the quarter of the year go? Time flies when you are a new mum smile emoticon Since I personally haven't even noticed the time, I am slowly (very slowly) getting back to my work and I would like to share my new year resolutions with you. CAUTION! lots of text.

1. Replica Orders. This year I've decided not to take orders for repeats of existing creations (this doesn't apply to those who have placed their orders last year). As much as I love my Orangutans, hedgehogs and sloths I found that making the same animal all the time is limiting my creativity and in fact takes the fun off the process a little bit. Last year I was mostly making orangutans and I couldn't help myself but to feel like a production line and I think it might make my work less exclusive. So, from now on I will be making new felties and putting them for sale instead of taking orders. I believe that it will also work better considering my unpredictable working schedule at the moment.

2. Packaging. Ok, lets admit it, my packaging was shocking. I was so busy making orders that didn't pay enough attention to the presentation of my work to the customers. I think its not fair for either my customers or my creations to be treated that negligently. So, I am working hard on improving the packaging and making sure it looks good and safe for the work to travel too. Stay in touch about that.

3. Website/shop. I promised myself to work harder on improving my website and advertise it around. Also I will be using the blog in there and sharing the posts here on FB, otherwise I found myself using FB all the time and my poor blog is left behind lonely and forgotten. Have to fix that. Also I will be adding the shop section to my website where my work can be purchased from rather than using the Etsy platform, I am having a few issues with it, so thought I will give a personal shop a go. I understand that it will require a huge amount of advertising for people to find it, but I think its worth it. Can always go back to Etsy if it doesn't work, right?

Ok, there are the major work related resolutions. Obviously everything not work related revolves around my chubby bunch of cuteness Josephine, I am enjoying every moment of motherhood, even sleepless nights and cries :) Sorry for a lot of letters! Have a wonderful end of the week.

Welcome to my blog!

Here I am sharing some sneak peeks of my work in progress and all the other everyday events that have an inspirational sparkle for my creative life.

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