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New website

So my new website is about to be finished. We've tried to make it cleaner and more simple. Did it work? I have so many ideas and so not enough time to do everything as having 2 under 2 minimizes the "free" time dramatically, but I am not complaining, working on prioritizing things at the same time with staying true to my inner self (which involves doing some handmade, anything is good enough). So keeping in mind my busy everyday life filled with feeding both kiddies, nappy changes, running at the park with toddler, playing, reading stories, cleaning the house and making sure husband is not forgotten neither I have huge plans in mind for my "business" baby. I would like to share them (even if no one will see this post :)). So, I have been hooked with making brooches lately, so there will be new cute little animal kingdom brooches coming to my shop, also I am working on creating some needle felting kits for those who would like to try this interesting technique. The kits will include wool, needles, eyes and a very detailed instruction how to make your own little cute needle felted animal. I have to say I am terrified and excited about that one. Hopefully I will be able to trespass my knowledge to others and make them fall in love with felting. All the materials and tutorials will be available for separate purchase as well.

Also I am working on making my own eyes for all the toys and offer them to the others as well. Really hope it will work out. Uh! As you can see there are so many things I want to make, that now I have to find time to do it all :) Sleep is overrated anyway, right? So wish me luck! Thanks xx

Welcome to my blog!

Here I am sharing some sneak peeks of my work in progress and all the other everyday events that have an inspirational sparkle for my creative life.

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