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Hi there!

So I have taken part in Teddies Worldwide Show last month for the first time and here are my thoughts on this experience. It was fun and interesting to see what collectors are looking for. Exclusively for that show I've made a new collection of Australian Native animals (just 5 to start with as that was a minimum of items for the show). Funny enough that one of the items sold on that show was by a collector from Brisbane :) Oi-oi-oi! Must say we made some technical mistakes with setting up my sales page, but got it fixed in a day or so. My impression from the show is that since it is a revenue for Teddy bear makes and their collectors some odd animals like Aussie natives (I made them very simple as they are, no accessories or props used) as I think that what made them shine most, the collectors are still looking for specific Teddy bears or like items for their collections and not very rare animals. But will see if things change, I am full of hopes that my collectors are still out there and they would love to get a piece for their rare animals collections. Since after the show I have decided to try a Bear pile website where again most of the Teddy bears makers presenting their work available for purchasing. No luck for me there so far, but I give myself some time to build my audience and interest, it is all part of this exciting journey, isn't it?

I am not going to rave about me having no time again as its getting annoying :) I am working on filming a process of utilising all of my supplies in one way or another so there is as less waste as possible. The tricky part is to actually edit a video and upload it, silly, I know, but this what requires the most of the time. But we will get there. I am hoping to produce some useful and funny videos about making stuff from stuff. Stay in touch!

For now I am wishing everyone a very lovely Easter and make sure you don't overeat a chocolate... or do! Enjoy whatever you end up doing this weekend :)!

Welcome to my blog!

Here I am sharing some sneak peeks of my work in progress and all the other everyday events that have an inspirational sparkle for my creative life.

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