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Labrador love.

I rarely make present recently, first of all I simply don't have much time to do even commissioned work, secondly I've had a unpleasant experience with some of my work being destroyed and not taken care of. I find when people pay money for the work they put much more value to it and make sure its taken care of oppose to when its a gift it does not have the same approach. Not every time of course, but a lot of times. So I've not been making any sculptures as gifts. But this time I decided to give it another go and make a gift sculpture. Especially when it was for a special (in my opinion) occasion. Friends of mine were throwing a party to say goodbye to their beautiful 1 yo Labrador they've had since he was a puppy. The puppy is from Seeing Dogs Vision Australia group and is going to be a guide dog for someone in need. My friends were taking care of him and training him before he goes back to further training. I think its such a great thing to do and they did an amazing job. I also know they will be missing him badly so I wanted to give them something nice to look at and remember their first guide puppy is happy and serving a great purpose in someone's life. You can find more about Seeing Dogs and puppies at Please meet Yoshi replica, he is under 10 cm tall, needle felted with 100 % wool, glass eyes are used and acrylic paint to create nose.

Welcome to my blog!

Here I am sharing some sneak peeks of my work in progress and all the other everyday events that have an inspirational sparkle for my creative life.

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